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A Lot of Health Care Workers Are Refusing to Get the COVID Vaccine…The Reasons Are Not Shocking. by Matt Vespa



We’ve heard it’s the Republicans who are at fault for the return of the mask mandates and the spreading of the Delta variant. Well, liberals are saying that of course. It’s conservative media that’s fanning the flames. There’s more nuance to this problem and you all know. The least of it is not being that vaccinations have always been a sensitive topic in America. When it comes to kids, it’s even more intense. There’s also the aspect that a lot of people don’t like being told what to do and there is a limit in telling what adults can and cannot do in some areas. It’s a fact of life. Forty percent of New York City public school employees are unvaccinated. I doubt these are voracious readers of conservative media. 

And now, the Left’s snobbery and incessant need to coerce people with whom they disagree is about to crash into the wall. Why? Well, are health care workers part of this supposedly unlearned pro-Trump cult? I ask because a significant number of them are not vaccinated. About a quarter of health care workers in the US have not received the COVID vaccine and don’t plan to any time soon. 

NBC News sat down with some nurses and a respiratory therapist about why they’re hesitant. They have questions. They’re worried about the long-term effects and shocker—they don’t really trust the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Who could blame them? With the experts’ inability to give science-based advice, you can see why a lot of folks are waiting. The recent memo circulating around the CDC was rejected by peer review, so we’re reminded once again that the CDC is not God. They’re flawed. They’re not oracles. And the consistent f-ups warrant all of us to mute them when they go on television. 

This person apparently lives in the NYC area. The counties with the lowest adult vaccination rates in the NYC area are the Bronx and Brooklyn. (See latest NYT data.) We’re supposed to attribute this problem to “selfish Republicans”? Delusional

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey)

According to the latest Kaiser Family Foundation data, 51% of whites in Florida are vaccinated compared to 26% of blacks. Clearly what explains this disparity is Fox News and the “Gateway Pundit”

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey)

Collier County, FL
2020 Election: Trump 67% Biden 32%
Adult vaccination rate: 64%

Leon County, FL
2020 Election: Biden 64% Trump 35%
Adult vaccination rate: 50%

But yeah “partisanship” as framed by the national media must always be the one factor that everyone fixates on

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey)

I got vaccinated in April. I had COVID last November as well. This was my choice. And I knew about the blood clotting issue before I got the Johnson and Johnson shot as well. I knew the risks. I saw they were VERY rare—I was more likely to develop clots when I was infected last year—than through this shot.  

Matt Vespa

I still don’t see how someone, like a liberal, could literally lose sleep or have their day ruined because someone didn’t want to get the shot. The CDC has done well to undercut their own agenda item. They even said this week that COVID might be a few mutations away from being vaccine-resistant. So, what are you doing? Trying to boost vaccination rates because you just delivered a headshot to that goal. No—this was done to generate more panic. In a sick way, we know the CDC is a political arm of the Democratic Party’s top ally—teachers’ unions. They colluded to keep schools closed; we saw the emails. So, there’s politics in the mix. Yes, nurses—question away. You’re not alone, but do Democrats bash these people. Weren’t they hailed as heroes by Biden, the media, and everyone else? And now, with the Left going all Genghis Kahn on the unvaccinated—do they turn their swords on people treating those infected? 

Eventually, every boomerang liberals chuck will circle back and clobber them. 

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Health Care

Health Care Workers Protest Mandatory Vaccine Policies at Duke As COVID-19 Cases Keep Rising ::



Health care workers protest mandatory vaccine policies at Duke as COVID-19 cases keep rising ::

— On Friday, health care workers and supporters stood outside Duke University Hospital to speak out against the new vaccine requirements that come as new COVID-19 cases reach their highest totals in months.

About 100 protesters, most of them supporters rather than health care workers, gathered outside the hospital before noon.

“There are a lot of people who are upset about this who won’t come out here today because they’re worried about their jobs and financial security,” surgical technician Andrew Mitchell said. “But a lot of people believe that it’s supposed to be your choice. For an organization that has preached for so long your body your choice it’s kind of interesting with them coming out with this stance.”

Mitchell is vaccinated against COVID-19 but said he had a bad reaction to the shot.

Similar protests are happening outside hospitals all over the state over the next several weeks. Protesters also gathered Thursday outside Cone Health in Greensboro.

Duke Health is among a handful of major healthcare systems with a mandatory vaccine policy as the Delta variant continues to spread.

A hospital spokesperson told WRAL on Friday that about 77% of employees had received the vaccine so far, a slight uptick from 75% earlier in the week.

Thomas Owens, president of Duke University Hospital and senior vice president of Duke University Health System, released a statement in response to the protest.

“It’s imperative that our patients, their loved ones, our colleagues and community know we are committed to advancing and protecting their health. A fully vaccinated staff provides that assurance… we are confident the remainder will comply with the new vaccination requirement.”

Starting on Friday, masks will be required on Duke University’s campus and any other buildings the university owns or leases. North Carolina reported 3,268 new coronavirus infections on Thursday, which is the highest one-day total in five months.

This content was originally published here.

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